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Dangerous: The Double Album 2CD

Two CDs. Includes two bonus tracks. Big Loud/Republic Records' Morgan Wallen released his highly anticipated sophomore album, Dangerous: The Double Album, in January 2021. The vast 30-track project was written largely by Wallen throughout the previous three years while he was becoming "the fastest rising young star in country" (Variety). Further establishing his signature sound, it includes a strong arsenal of writers and features "More Than My Hometown," "7 Summers," and more.

Album Tracks

1. Sand in My Boots
2. Wasted on You
3. Somebody's Problem
4. More Surprised Than Me
5. 865
6. Warning
7. Neon Eyes
8. Outlaw
9. Whiskey'd My Way
10. Wonderin' Bout the Wind
11. Your Bartender
12. Only Thing That's Gone
13. Cover Me Up
14. 7 Summers
15. More Than My Hometown

1. Still Goin Down
2. Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt
3. Dangerous
4. Beer Don't
5. Blame It on Me
6. Somethin' Country
7. This Bar
8. Country A$$ Shit
9. Whatcha Think of Country Now
10. Me on Whiskey
11. Need a Boat
12. Silverado for Sale
13. Heartless [Wallen Album Mix]
14. Livin' the Dream
15. Quittin' Time
16. This Side of a Dust Cloud
17. Bandaid on a Bullet Hole 

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